We are currently serving only the Tidewater, Virginia area.

Whether you're seeking advice, spiritual counseling, a house blessing, or an investigation, VAPI is eager to help! 

There are so many out there today who, like yourself, are experiencing something they don't know how to deal with. Some will contact their local church, only to be told that they don't handle that sort of situation. Some even contact the Catholic church,only to be told that they only help those who are possessed. This is where VAPI comes in. We are a unique, Christian-based team with many years of experience. There is no paranormal activity that we aren't willing to handle.

Given the abundance of people seeking an investigation and the limited amount of people willing and able to take on the paranormal, though, we are a busy team. To help us get a better understanding of your situation and to evaluate the level of danger you are in, we ask that those who are seeking an investigation, spiritual counseling, or a house blessing please fill out the form using the I NEED HELP button below. The button will open a pdf form for you to fill out. When you're done, please email the form to

Instructions on How to Fill Out the Form​

1.  Click on the link to the pdf form below and fill out the form on the computer. If you are unable to fill it out on         your computer, print the form using the printer icon in the upper right corner of the form, then use a pen to           fill it out.

2.  Click the download button (a downward-pointing arrow over a line located in the upper right corner)

3.  Select "With Changes" from the drop-down menu, and save the form to your computer, phone, or other                   device.

4.  Send the form to us. If you filled the form out and saved it to your computer or device, simply email it to us at If you filled it out by hand, then take a clear picture of the form and email it to         us.

Emails are answered in the order they are received. The case manager will respond via phone, text, or email promptly.