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Looking for something fun to do in Hampton Roads, VA?

Join us for a ghost walk through the colonial village of Yorktown. Click on the image above to find out more!


Since 2008, VAPI has been dedicated to investigating paranormal activity of any classification in an effort to collect indisputable scientific evidence and to help those affected by such occurrences. We have investigated hundreds of residential and commercial locations, and have developed a reputation for being honest, dependable, and professional. We conduct investigations throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and many other states.

Our investigations are 100% free and available for...

Hauntings, U.F.O. Sightings, Cryptozoological Creatures, Historical Sites, Urban Legends & More...

If you've experienced something that you can't explain, or know of a location where unexplained events have occurred, please contact us today!

Yorktown Ghost Walks